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A Commitment to Green Business

In every aspect of the operation, we endeavour to maximize the ecological, social, and economic performance of our company – what is known as the triple-bottom-line. Our aim is to green the office supplies industry and the workplaces it serves by promoting the most sustainable products and practices of our time. Though our company is most easily identified by its environmental aims, we are equally committed to social justice. From the communities we impact through to the people manufacturing our products, we work to involve all stakeholders in a decision-making process that ensures equality, well-being, and personal safety.

Our Sustainability Management System

In order to constantly improve our triple-bottom-line, we operate a robust Sustainability Management System (SMS). Our SMS starts and ends with our Green Team – employees of TheGreenOffice.co.uk who are directly responsible for the strategic direction and overall realisation of our vision for sustainability in the workplace. The Green Team is responsible for the policy formulation and ratification process, key factors of the strategic planning period, implementation oversight, performance evaluation, communications, and reporting.

Diversity & Inclusivity

At the heart of the sustainable business movement is a longing to address not only ecological issues, but issues of inequality, persecution, and social stratification. We’re convinced a more fair and inclusive society naturally leads to more sustainable uses of natural resources and by extension helps maintain the balance required to sustain and restore earth’s ecosystem services.

We believe in equality for everyone and everywhere, regardless of race, age, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or otherwise. We believe our work to promote the equity we seek must continually evolve to changing conditions within our company and beyond.

Wherever possible we work to advance diversity within our company, throughout our supply chain, and among our customer base. We do this through our equal opportunity hiring practices, the vetting of our merchant relationships, and our approach to working with shoppers.

While a business cannot change the world on its own, it is in a unique position to champion practices that help fulfil the promise of “equality and inclusivity for all.”

Green Purchasing

Our endeavours around green purchasing can be broken into two distinct categories: (1) products and services sold to our clients, and (2) goods and services procured for internal company operations.

Internally, our policy has continued to highlight the acquisition of only those goods and services fundamental to the smooth and effective operation of the company. Despite being a traditional office supplies retailer we work vigorously to remain a practically paperless office. This means, for example, that in 2016 we used less than a box of paper which in turn led to the consumption of less than one toner cartridge, fewer than a dozen pens, less than a box of staples, and so forth.

On the whole, our purchasing-related impact continued to be remarkably low due to business systems that are largely digital and an organisational culture that pays close attention to consumption in all forms.

Pollution Prevention

To prevent pollution we begin by diligently following our green purchasing policy which dictates that only necessitated items are purchased and that those purchases meet the highest sustainability standards of the relevant product category. We use biodegradable cleaning solvents, non-toxic and low-VOC office products, and minimise our carbon pollution through limited business travel and the use of public transport whenever feasible.

Carbon Reduction

Our carbon reduction efforts are split across our Sustainability Management System as they encompass the sum of our efforts to preserve existing resources and minimize consumption. Once we have done everything possible to reduce the carbon emissions over which we have direct control, we go on to measure the remaining emissions using an Office Footprint Calculator, a vigorous 40+ point assessment. By following these standards we continue to strive to become a carbon neutral business.

Energy Efficiency

We continued our efforts to reduce energy use through both purchasing and practice. Having installed energy efficient bulbs throughout our office in past years no new bulbs were required this year due to a combination of long life-span and minimal usage. We work to use natural light wherever possible and keep lights off during the day in rooms that are not in use as well as throughout the night. Past investments in Energy Star certified electronic devices continued to reduce energy consumption. Upgrades to server software and hardware were monitored closely to ensure past efficiencies were sustained. Overall, our annual goal of decreasing our energy consumption by 7% on a per capita basis was met.

Waste Reduction

Our vigorous recycling program keeps office-generated waste to an absolute minimum. In addition to recycling the essentials ie. paper, aluminium, glass, and hard plastics, we have introduced initiatives for the recycling of e-waste, batteries, and soft plastics. Overall we estimate that 80%.

Water Conservation

Overall our annual goal of reducing water consumption by 5% on a per capita basis was met through a reduction of watering frequency for our indoor plants.

For more information or to view our environmental and CSR Policy Click here