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Q-Connect 24/6 Metal Precision Engineered Staples (Pack of 1000) KF01278
Q-Connect Staples 26/6mm (Pack of 5000) KF27001
Novus 26 6mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 5000) - 040-0160
Rapid 66/6mm Staples (Pack 5000) 24867800
Rapid 26/6mm Staples (Pack 5000) 24861800
Rapid 13/8mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 5000) 11835600
Rapid 13/6mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 5000) 11830700
Leitz 25/10mm Staples (Pack 1000) 55740000
Rexel Mercury Heavy Duty Staples (Pack 2500) 2100928
Rexel No 10 4.5mm Staples (Pack 5000) 06005
Rexel Stella 70 Staples Cartridge (Pack 500) 06311
Rapesco 13/10mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 5000) - S13100Z3
Rapesco 24/6mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1000) - S24607Z3
Rapesco 923/8mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1000) - 1236
Rapesco 923/12mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1000) - 1238
Rapesco 923/15mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1000) - 1239
Rapesco 923 Galvanised Staples Multi-Pack of 8mm 10mm 12mm and 13mm (Pack 3200) - 1246
Rapesco 26/6mm Galvanised Staples Retail Pack (Pack 2000) - S2662MA3
Rapesco 24/8mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1000) - 1456
Rapesco 21/4mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 2000) - 1367
Rapesco 923/10mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1000) - 1237
Fellowes 26/6 Half Strip Staples (Pack 5000) 5117601
Fellowes 24/8 Staples 156 Per Strip (Pack 5000) 5162101
Novus Staples 24 Gauge Wire 6mm Shank (Pack 1000) - NV0400158
Rapesco 923/17mm Staples Galvanised Finish (Pack of 1000) 1240
Rapesco 923/23mm Staples Galvanised Finish (Pack of 1000) 1242
Tacwise 73/12mm Staples Galvanised Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) 0457
Rapesco 53/8mm Staples Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) 0750
Rapesco 923/8mm Staples (Pack of 4000) S92308Z3
Rapesco 923/10mm Staples (Pack of 4000) S92310Z3
Rapesco 923/12mm Staples (Pack of 4000) S92312Z3
Rapesco 923/14mm Staples (Pack of 4000) S92314Z3
Rapesco 24/6mm Staples Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) S24602Z3
Rapesco 24/8mm Staples Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) S24802Z3
Rapesco 26/6mm Staples Galvanised Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) S11662Z3
Rapesco 26/8mm Staples Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) S11880Z3
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