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Wide range of staple from top brands such as Rexel, Leitz, Rapid & 5 Star available in the following sizes 10mm, 12+mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, Cartridge/Cassette Staples & many other sizes.
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Q-Connect 24/6 Metal Precision Engineered Staples (Pack of 1000) KF01278
Q-Connect Staples 26/6mm (Pack of 5000) KF27001
Novus 26 6mm Galvanised Staples Pack 5000
Rapid 66/6mm Staples (Pack 5000) 24867800
Rapid 26/6mm Staples (Pack 5000) 24861800
Rapid 13/8mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 5000) 11835600
Rapid 13/6mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 5000) 11830700
Leitz 25/10mm Staples (Pack 1000) 55740000
Rexel Mercury Heavy Duty Staples (Pack 2500) 2100928
Rexel Stella 70 Staples Cartridge (Pack 500) 06311
Rapesco 13/10mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 5000)
Rapesco 24/6mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1000)
Rapesco 923/8mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1000)
Rapesco 923/12mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1000)
Rapesco 923/15mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1000)
Rapesco 923 Galvanised Staples Multi-Pack of 8mm 10mm 12mm and 13mm (Pack 3200)
Rapesco 26/6mm Galvanised Staples Retail Pack (Pack 2000)
Rapesco 24/8mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1000)
Rapesco 21/4mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 2000)
Rapesco 923/10mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1000)
Fellowes 26/6 Half Strip Staples (Pack 5000) 5117601
Novus Staples 24 Gauge Wire 6mm Shank (Pack 1000)
Novus 23/24mm Staples (Pack 1000)
Tacwise 73/10mm Staples Galvanised Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) 0456
Rapesco 923/17mm Staples Galvanised Finish (Pack of 1000) 1240
Rapesco 923/23mm Staples Galvanised Finish (Pack of 1000) 1242
Tacwise 73/12mm Staples Galvanised Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) 0457
Rapesco 53/8mm Staples Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) 0750
Rapesco 923/8mm Staples (Pack of 4000) S92308Z3
Rapesco 923/10mm Staples (Pack of 4000) S92310Z3
Rapesco 923/12mm Staples (Pack of 4000) S92312Z3
Rapesco 923/14mm Staples (Pack of 4000) S92314Z3
Rapesco 24/6mm Staples Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) S24602Z3
Rapesco 24/8mm Staples Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) S24802Z3
Rapesco 26/6mm Staples Galvanised Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) S11662Z3
Rapesco 26/8mm Staples Chisel Point (Pack of 5000) S11880Z3
Total 57 products
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