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Cleaning Fluids

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Cif Professional Power Cleaner Degreaser 750ml 7517961
ScotchGard Deep Foaming Fabric and Carpet Cleaner 396g 4107-14
Astonish Concentrated Disinfectant 330ml Fresh (Pack of 12) AST21235
Diversey Spray Disinfectant and Descaler Refill Bottle 500ml (Pack of 5) 7518580
2Work Disinfectant and Washroom Cleaner Perfumed 1 Litre 2W03970
2Work Washroom Cleaner Trigger Spray 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W07249
2Work Heavy Duty Gel Oven Cleaner Liquid Gel 5 Litre 2W75995
Astonish Window And Glass Cleaner 750ml Blue (Pack of 12) AST21021
Diversey TASKI Sprint Flower Concentrate SmartDose W1174 1.4L 7520210
Diversey Degragerm Disinfectant SmartDose 1.4 Litre 7517843
PVA Cleaner Sanitiser Trigger Spray Bottle PVAC4
Evans Versatile Hard Surface Cleaner 5 litre (Pack of 2) A018EEV2
Suma Drain GTS Plus 10 Litre 7514130
PVA Glass and Stainless Steel Sachets (Pack of 20) PVAB5-20
2Work 30cc Pelican Dispensing Pump (Pack of 6) DIS77
Astonish Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Bleach 750ml (Pack of 12) AST01945
Flash Disinfecting Degreaser Kitchen Spray 750ml 5413149890275
Diversey Room Care R2 Hard Surface Cleaner 750ml (Pack of 6) 100862136
Flash Professional Sanitary Multipurpose Cleaner 750ml C001851
2Work Heavy Duty Toilet Cleaner 1 Litre (Pack of 12) 2W06297
2Work Disinfectant Spray 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W07709
Zoflora 3-in-1 Concentrated Disinfectant 120ml (Pack of 12) 00680
2Work Antibacterial Surface Spray 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W04586
PVA Virucidal Detergent Disinfectant (Pack of 20) DZ7:20
Enhance Carpet Spot and Stain Remover 750ml 411090
Dettol Antibacterial Spray 500ml 1014148
Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner 300ml (Self-scouring foaming formula) 667597
Clean and Fresh Thick Bleach 750ml 1016011
Clover ECO 330 Degreaser Concentrate 5 Litre (Pack of 2) 330
2Work Antibacterial Washing Up Liquid 5 Litre 2W04022
Effervescent Chlorine Tablets (Pack of 300) 1016002
2Work Carpet Spot/Stain Remover 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W07252
Taski Sani MouldOut 0.75 Litre (Pack of 6) 100848256
Economy Pump Dispenser 38mm White (Pack of 6) 102102
Astonish Ready to Use Disinfectant 550ml Lemon (Pack of 12) AST21255
Oxivir Excel Foam Disinfectant 750ml (Pack of 6) 100941562
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