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Grow Your Impact with Green Office: 1,500+ Trees Planted, a Forest of Change Started!

Join our planet-positive revolution – every £50+ order plants a tree, restores ecosystems, and empowers communities.

Ready to breathe life into a brighter future? We're thrilled to announce that in just six months, our Green Office community has planted 1,500+ trees, offsetting 237 t of CO2! But this is just the beginning of our journey to create a greener, healthier planet.

Here's how your eco-conscious choices are making a difference:

  • Trees as Nature's Superheroes: Each tree planted through our Tree-Nation partnership absorbs up to 10x its weight in CO2, purifies the air, offers shade and cooling, prevents soil erosion, and provides shelter for countless wildlife species. That's a forest worth of fresh air and thriving biodiversity!

  • Global Impact, Local Roots: Our trees are taking root in diverse landscapes across the globe, from the lush rainforests of Madagascar to the vibrant communities of Bolivia. We're partnering with incredible organizations like the Eden Reforestation Projects and the Forest Garden Program to support sustainable livelihoods and restore degraded ecosystems.

  • Meet Mamasoa, a Forest Guardian: In Madagascar, Mamasoa is one of the many women empowered by the Forest Garden Program. She plants trees to provide food for her family, generate income, and protect the precious rainforests that are home to unique wildlife. Your Green Office order supports Mamasoa and others like her, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Ready to Plant a Tree Today?

Here's how you can join the Green Office sustainability revolution:

  1. Shop with Purpose: Every order of £50 or more plants a tree!
  2. Share the Green Love: Spread the word on social media using #GreenOfficeForests and inspire others to join the movement.
  3. Double Your Impact: Use the promo code TREEPOWER at checkout to plant an extra tree with your next purchase!
  4. Track Your Tree's Journey: Visit our Tree-Nation profile to see the exact location of your tree and learn more about the projects you're supporting.

Together, we can grow a forest of change. Let's make every purchase a seed of hope for a greener tomorrow.

If you'd like to track our tree-planting journey, you can visit our Tree-Nation profile page, Forest of The Green Office | Tree-Nation - Forest’s trees. We're committed to transparency and would love for you to see the impact we're making towards a more sustainable future.


Breathe Easier, Live Greener: Plant a Tree and Change the World.

Imagine a world where air hums with life, not pollution. Where playful squirrels scamper through leafy sanctuaries, and fertile soil nurtures vibrant ecosystems. This isn't a dream – it's the reality we can create, one tree at a time.

By planting trees, we don't just combat climate change – we become heroes for the planet. Every tree planted absorbs harmful CO2, shelters a kaleidoscope of wildlife, and shields us from soil erosion and air pollution. It's like gifting the Earth a pair of mighty lungs, filtering the air and breathing life into a brighter future.

And the impact is tangible. Your single tree could be the haven for a family of owls, the source of clean air for a child in Madagascar, or the barrier against a flood that threatens a village. The power of a single seed extends far beyond its roots.

So join us in this green revolution. Plant a tree with Green Office today, and watch your small act grow into a ripple of positive change. Together, we can weave a forest of hope, leaving a legacy of clean air, thriving ecosystems, and a healthier planet for generations to come.

Why Plant trees.

Planting trees is important for several reasons, including:

  1. Combatting climate change: Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through a process called photosynthesis. By planting more trees, we can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, which can help mitigate the effects of climate change.

  2. Creating habitats for wildlife: Trees provide habitats for animals, birds, and insects. By planting trees, we can help create ecosystems that support a diverse range of species.

  3. Preventing soil erosion: Trees help to stabilise soil, preventing erosion and the loss of nutrients in the ground. This can help improve soil quality and promote healthier plant growth.

  4. Enhancing air quality: Trees absorb pollutants from the air, helping to purify the air we breathe. This can help reduce respiratory problems and improve overall health.

 5.  Providing economic benefits: Trees provide a range of economic benefits, from providing timber and other forest products to supporting tourism and recreation.

Overall, planting trees is an effective way to promote environmental sustainability and improve the health of our planet. By supporting tree-planting initiatives, we can help create a better world for ourselves and future generations.