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Rechargeable Batteries

Whenever possible, power your office with rechargeable batteries. They lessen pollution and increase the cash in your wallet. If your current device doesn't take rechargables don't throw it away - next time just seek a product that will!
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Energizer Rechargable AA Batteries 2000 Mah (Pack of 4) 632976
Energizer Rechargable AAA Batteries (Pack of 2) 632986
Energizer Rechargable AA Batteries 2000mAh (Pack of 10) 634354
Energizer AAA Rechargeable Batteries 700mAh (Pack of 10) 634355
Energizer AA Recharge Extreme Batteries 2300mAh (Pack of 2) 634998
Energizer Extreme Rechargable AA Batteries 2300mAh (Pack of 4) 635730
Energizer Extreme Rechargable AAA Batteries 800mAh (Pack of 4) 635751
Duracell Rechargeable AA NiMH 1300mAh Batteries (Pack of 4) 81367177
Duracell C Rechargeable NiMH Batteries (Pack of 2) 75052458
Duracell D Rechargeable NiMH Batteries (Pack of 2) 15038743
Duracell Rechargeable ACCU NiMH Battery 9V 15038744
Duracell staycharged Premium AA4 rechargeable - 2400 Mah (Pack of 4) STAYCHARGED PREM
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