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A ruler, or rule, is an instrument used in geometry, technical drawing and engineering/building to measure distances and/or to rule straight lines. Strictly speaking, the ruler is essentially a straightedge used to rule lines and the calibrated instrument used for determining measurement is called a "measure". However, common usage is that a ruler is a calibrated straightedge that can be used for making measurements.

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Q-Connect Clear 150mm/15cm/6inch Ruler KF01106
Q-Connect 150mm Clear Ruler KF01106Q
Q-Connect 300mm/30cm Clear Ruler KF01107
Q-Connect 300mm Clear Ruler KF01107Q
Q-Connect Ruler Shatterproof 300mm Clear KF01108
Q-Connect Clear 300mm Shatterproof Ruler (Pack of 10) KF01108Q
Q-Connect Ruler Shatterproof 300mm White KF01109
Q-Connect White Shatterproof Ruler 300mm (Pack of 10) KF01109Q
Helix Blue Shatterproof Ruler 45cm (Pack of 10) L28040
Helix Stainless Steel Ruler 12in/30cm
Classmaster Clear Class Ruler 30cm (Pack of 100) SPR30100
Plastic Shatterproof Ruler 50cm Clear 843800/1
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