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Our Customers

We have been using The Green Office for 7 years, and we have never had an order go wrong, the delivery is quick, the products on sale are more than fit for purpose, with a wide range of them, and with any feedback I have ever needed I have found staff to be very helpful.

Colin Devaney

HR Executive, Office and Facilities Manager

Offsetting carbon emissions

In order to help offset the carbon emissions associated with delivery of your recycled office supplies, we plant a tree for each order over £100!

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Welcome to The Green Office – shareholders in Planet Earth  

When we started our business back in 2008 we took a different approach to many and rather than focusing upon the shareholding in our business and what it could do for us we instead focused upon the shareholding that we have in our Planet and what we could do for it. That same ethic still runs through The Green Office today and although the size and scale of the business has changed enormously the founding principles have not – we want to do the right thing and we want to encourage and assist you to do the right thing, too.

We often hear people refer to their legacy and their aspirations for what they hope to leave behind. Well, ours is simple – we want to leave this wonderful planet, that we are fortunate enough to call home, in a manner that sees it improving for generations to come for our children, our grandchildren and for generations thereafter. Whilst that might sound quite grand actually, it’s not. If we all make one small contribution, one step to lessening our environmental impact and then promote that activity and encourage our colleagues, friends and associates to do similar then we can make a positive change.

Start your contribution to Planet Earth today – it will be the most fulfilling, rewarding and beneficial scheme you ever invest in.

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