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We launched Carbon Neutral Printers at the beginning of 2016 because we saw an increase in paper and consumable demand which got us thinking; "surely there must be a greener way of printing?"  Whilst recycled papers have their own benefits we wanted to do everything we can to limit the negative output. Whilst we found that there was a lot of focus and thought into paper purchase choices, this wasn't the same when it came to the device being used. There's little to no thought given to the printers we use, but negative output isn't just down to the paper. We have found that customers whilst switching to recycled or greener papers negated this positive element as they were still using 5 year old energy guzzling devices. 



Scientific studies have proven that the Earths' temperature will rise by more than 2 degrees by 2050 unless we reduce our carbon emissions by 80% within the same period.

Aged devices have many negative environmental impacts:

- Higher energy consumption leading to increased costs

- Higher toner emissions

- Increased decibel levels

- No standby or sleep mode at all or modes that still have high energy consumption

- Non compliance with the latest European standards.

These are some of the obvious ones but manufacturers also keep less spare parts and consumables in stock for older devices. The end result of that is an environmentally disastrous supply chain operation to simply get your printer back up and running.
Hence, Carbon Neutral Printing and our Print For The Planet programme was borne with a real desire to help you make decisions that have a positive impact on our planet.

Here’s what we do:


- Straightforward subscription agreement


Simple cost per page billing process with no minimum billing


- Include all service, toner, parts, consumables and recycled or FSC paper


- One off charge for install and delivery (device dependent)


- Collect, recycle and remanufacture all toner cartridges


- Achieve 100% landfill avoidance


- Donate to The Woodland Trust


- Offset your carbon output

   Here’s what we don’t do:


   - No lease payments


   - No five year terms


   - No hidden charges


   - No admin fees

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