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Adhesives and Tapes

You’ll never get stuck while searching for office adhesives at The Green Office. Browse our extensive adhesives and tapes collection and you’ll find traditional office essentials like clear tape, tape dispensers, sticky tac and packing tape.
To keep all kinds of things in place – inside and outside of the office - there are also all kinds of glue products for use with paper and plastics and specialist items like packing tape, printed tape, double-sided tape and duct tape. Choose from quality value products and big name brands like Sellotape, Scotch Tape and Blutack.

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tapes Wide selection of Adhesive Tape to help you with a myriad of office jobs such as packaging tapes for the storeroom in both polypropylene and low noise vinyl, Invisible tape that can be repositioned again and again, ideal for temporary repairs or marking or labeling delicate surfaces. Masking tape for those lightweight joining and craft projects where you need a tape that will adhere well and remove cleanly without leaving adhesive residue and of course the legendry clear Sellotape that is ideal for everyday solutions as well as sticking paper, card and gift wrap.

Glue Products

Glue Products Wide range of glue products including Glue Sticks, Fixers/Dots, Glue Guns, Rollers, Tacks & more...

Tack (Blu-Tack)

Tack (Blu-Tack) Blu-Tack is a versatile, reusable putty-like pressure-sensitive adhesive. The original version of the product was blue, but many colours are now available.

• Made from recycled polystyrene

• Strong yet lightweight construction

• Integral label holder for easy i...

  • >50

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100% degradable carrier bag Vest style Size: 275x425x525mm Pack of 2000

  • Recycled 100%
  • Biodegradable

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• Complete with tabs and inserts

• Manufactured from 100% recycled paper

• Slotted for use with a 2-piece...

  • Recycled 100%
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14inch Oscillating desktop tower fan. 3 Speeds - Low, Medium and high. 1 to 4 hour timer. Convenient integr...

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Image Recycled ISO 70 is the paper with the best environmental standards within the Image Recycled rang...

  • Recycled 100%
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